Tuesday, July 20, 2010

like a floating pixie in the sky

Here's to twiddling thumbs and aimless spend-less shopping.

Can't quite explain myself at the moment, I have spouts of ambition and I feel that there aren't enough days in the year for me to conquer the world and I have moments that I have absolutely no idea what the hell I am doing or where I am getting at.

I wasted my time today standing around an aisle of juices. So many people rushing to buy things, I had no reason to buy anything at all. Why was I even there? I was the one with music in my ears but people should really watch where they're going.

You should look on both sides before crossing a junction, I just might body slam you.

One of my favourite movies:

"Better Off Dead" from 1985, it is a laugh and a half oh my.

A movie I'm currently watching is called "Bright Star", so beautiful yet so empty. I'm trying really hard to like it but it's tough. The acting is making me gag and there's something I can only describe as constant pms, all over it. It is often unbearing, but so beautiful *_*.

Despite feeling bored and like I have nothing to do, I actually do and should get moving fast.

Instead I'm finding blogs devoted to Japanese dolls and holy crap there's some intense doll clothing on it I wish I could make, but what use is that skill in the world? Yet I can't help it, I want to do this sort of ridiculous thing.

I've been working on a video compiling work and research on a set of plates a fellow designer and I designed as well as submitted to this year's One Off's Food Design 6 competition. As the time going by increases so my confidence of us winning decreases. I was just as sure that my jolly rancher candy wrapper would win me a meeting with Hanson over a decade ago, but after a few months of no word I realized it didn't matter how much I believed it. This time will be different! yes?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Process

Double posting is coming soon! I'm currently working on the mama jama (sp?) of mixed cd albumart/jacket for a handmade swap with a cousin. It'll be a book and include my art therefore relevant to both "miliaime" AND "artdemili".

UNlike I promised, here's another cooking adventure of mine. Following recipes has been proving quite successful recently. This coming from a someone who burnt macaroni and cheese causing the fire brigade to come by. Truth. Complete Truth.

It is suprisingly delish and I can't wait to have some for breakfast tomorrow! Totally UNserious.

It's vegetarian lasagna with lots of mozerelli and parmigiani.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Home made goodness!!

Greetings from beyond! I spent the bulk of my day today on my feet in the kitchen and the labor was indeed fruitful, very fruitful, quite.

Book commissions are slow lately (ahem, static really). I've been re-thinking my strategy as my current process is slightly time consuming and I'm charging more than I would pay for the books myself but I can't charge less due to the TLC invested in them! Since the last book I've made, I've thought about how to minimize the time spent to make them without sacrificing durability and quality.

Naturally it would be way awesome if I could design the cover art of notebooks/sketchbooks. For that I would ideally use silk screening, stenciling or lino cut, but those are also time consuming which is cool but to be more cost effective and sustainable I've been looking at digital printing. Luckily there's a print shop near my school that only uses recycled paper and is really reasonable at pricing unlike many print crooks downtown. Plus, I in essence am saving paper from being forgotten and thrown away! double win!

And now something to drool over, cupcakes and pizza! I also made fresh pasta (from scratch, homie - not the pizza dough however) but it was gone by the time I thought to take a picture. Oh well, next time when I make it even better I'll take a picture. Perhaps with home made sauce, first time was a fail. The pizza turned out surprisingly amazing and was really easy. I learnt two things: 1) go easy with the roller, too thin is boring and 2) do something about that crust, too puffy.

Hopefully the next time I post it'll be to show new projects!

That's right, I used my light box to take a picture of the very first slice of spinach, poireau, oignon, mushroom and thyme pizza by me, why not!


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