Thursday, September 29, 2011

High School reunion

Last Saturday, I had the immense pleasure of meeting up with a few of my High School friends, 2 of whom I haven't actually seen since High School! As for the rest, we have been meeting up for the last 2-3 years at least once a year (or more if we mange to schedule properly!). This year we had a birthday girl in our midst and so we decided on the first place she mentioned seeing as it should be to her liking, which was a self-serve smokehouse called Bofinger . It smelled of bbq as soon as you walked in, and while some of us were waiting for the rest to arrive, we were getting a bit hungry from the fumes! For myself, I ordered the sandwich combo where you pick your meat and your toppings and you get to choose a side dish. So I choose pulled pork with a honey sauce, some caramelized onions, pickled red peppers and a pickle slice. As for my side dish, if you can't tell from the photograph, I choose awholelottafries. The decor was really comfortable and more or less private as the back of the seats went up quite high so you weren't necessarily hearing other people's conversations.

Everyone pretty much enjoyed their meals but we were more concerned with catching up. It was a bit slow at first but while looking through some old pictures I brought we were soon laughing our heads off at some stories from way back when and the silly teachers we had. Time flew and before we knew it, it was almost 11 pm. I feel very lucky to have been able to keep in touch with these girls who were a huge part of  my life when I was still a kid (in retrospect). I believe that although High School leaves a lot of scars, it also gives you precious memories and precious people.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Breaking out and breaking in while bookmaking

It is getting cold and dark in these parts! The fall equinox is in our midst and I sort of mind it but mostly welcome it. While typing away and browsing through the inter-webs today I suddenly felt my toes and my nose getting cold and the annoyance of. It won't be winter for another 3 months, but more than the snow I look forward to getting toasty and cozy in wool-y sweaters and mittens. Last winter I didn't really embrace the cold by counter-attacking it with some warmth I just gritted my teeth and stayed under covers for as long as I was allowed. This winter will be different, I will enjoy it and make it my wonderland.

In the meantime, I've come back to book making which I'd been avoiding as my working space (the living room coffee table) has been cluttered for so long and I would often just look away when I saw the mess. Thankfully I cleaned it all up and got everything organized a few days ago and have been able to make a few books for myself and for others.

On a last note, I dedicate this post to nutella and adorably dorky ASL sign-along videos.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First day of classes

As of yesterday, I am officially back at school! A few months ago I made the decision to return so that I could benefit from 39 credits worth of studio art classes. It seemed like a bargain deal for a second shot at enjoying school life, access to lovely resources and working space. I'm only part-time this year, but I can already tell it is having an effect on my current job hunting status. Not two weeks ago, I almost got a full-time position that would have worked perfectly with the one class I'm taking (and it was in my field), but in the end I wasn't the chosen candidate. Since then I've been a bit down thinking how in the hell am I going to find something as great as that? The prospect of having to go back to part-time work despite so many years of continuing education has really put me in a sad state. Seeing others flourish around me made me think I've wasted so much time, but it's the path I've chosen and regretting my decisions would be the real waste.

For my first day of class, I decided to show my style a bit as opposed to my previous years of fitness pants, corduroy and bright coloured sweaters. I do enjoy fashion, but I never really allowed myself to delve into it thinking I couldn't possibly because of this or that or twenty other reasons I made up. If I learned anything this summer, it was to stop listening to that little voice inside of me that keeps saying "you can't, you're not good enough." I won't dwell on the past, and I won't scare myself to death for the future, I will enjoy the moment that is happening now and eat 4 inch wide cookies while wearing glitter mascara if I have the luxury and the pleasure to do so.

Also, I will especially not forget to listen to music and create, which to me are as important as water and air. Here is what I've been enjoying lately. Her name is Katy B , and thus far I have about 4 of her songs on repeat!


Thursday, September 1, 2011


As you may or may not be able to tell, my work table looks strangely like a kitchen table. That would be because it is in fact a kitchen table. Due to limited amount of work space, whenever I have a sewing project to work on, I work in the kitchen. It's a bit funny to keep my sewing machine and supplies on the table, but oh well, I don't consider myself a very conventional person anyhow.

Currently I am working on a (long overdue) custom long coat for an Etsy customer. This order was supposed to be completed way back in mid-July but something always kept getting in way, everything was so out of my control. Despite all of that, I'm glad to say it's coming along nicely and I am quite proud of myself! Piecing together bits and pieces of sweaters to make for a visually appealing finish is not as easy as it sounds.

Other than that, I'm also working on a coat I began a while ago but never finished. It was meant to be a prototype for the long coat, but it had way too many pieces and was too complicated for the material I was using. Nevertheless, it was starting to look like a nice one so I decided to finish it. Who knows, maybe I'll end up putting it in the shop? :)

Also on the kitchen table, is my dear tea (for 6) set that I received for my birthday this summer. I never ever get gifts but this summer I had some amazingly thoughtful friends who bought me THE best gift I've ever received. I love that tea set so much! Hopefully I will learn to make beautiful pottery in the ceramics class I am starting next week. For the first time ever I am looking forward to school (gasp!).



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